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Triassic Park, Waidring -up in the primeval

The summit of the Steinplatte offers a just 70m high platform which seems like it is flying in the air. You can walk over this exciting construction nearby the Triassic Center. Forming a coral fan visitors are invited to be highly impressed by the - wide and deep - overwhelming view.

Bad nerves? Do not be afraid! The composition of the ground is constructed for all people. Even when you fear of heights... The coral's branches are not devious, this implies you cannot see the soil below. All brave visitors could be risky and try the other almost invisible way, passing branches and last but not least have a look below them on a platform of glass.

The Adrenalin is boosting for sure: in particular on 1.600m...
Triassic Park offers a journey to the beginning of time. Prehistoric creatures, various corals, a prehistoric miniature sea and the Triassic Trail Park are waiting for you!

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